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I recently came across the Vine Vera store at the local mall and decided to try out their products on a whim. They offered me with a free sample of a day moisturizer and I promised to come back if I liked the product. Went home and applied the moisturizer and it really felt cool. I was inspired to try out a few more products and went back to the store the very next day. I found the staff to be really helpful and the person who had handed out the free sample remembered me. She was excited to learn that I liked their products and began to take me through their various collections and provided a history of the company. I found her to be a bit pushy, but her excitement kept me entertained all through.


I ended up purchasing a few products – the refining peeling, the eye serum and the day moisturizer. I really liked the day moisturizer and the refining peeling. I thought both were novel products that delivered on their promises. But, I was most inspired by the Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum. I have always suffered from dark circles and puffy eyes because of my stressful routines and lack of sleep. The pressures of juggling between a child, a career and a family doesn’t help either

I have seen so many people around me give in to Botox, but I swear to stay away from invasive procedures all my life. I maintain a proper skin care routine and also have a decent diet, but I wish I could say the same about my hectic schedules. Hopefully, with the help of a proper product, I will be able to enjoy younger looking skin once more.

I started using the Age Defying Eye Serum about 2 weeks back and i feel that it has actually transformed the way my eye area looks. With regards to anti-aging, they say that it takes at least 12 weeks for a product to show real long lasting signs. I must confess that the lines around my eyes don’t look lesser, but they seem to be less prominent for sure. Hopefully, they will reduce as the product promises. I realize that you need to have some patience when it comes to skin care, but I am really impatient to see where this product takes me, particularly after the fact that it reduced my dark circles and made my eye area look more beautiful.

Its been two weeks since I started using the product and I use the eye serum every day. But the jar seems to be as good as new. I think that these products are going to last me for a really long time. I really liked the serum, particularly as a starter product for the eye area. It helps you cover the basics and actually helps you to make your eye area look younger and better. I think that the eye serum is a must use for anyone over the age of 30 as it can actually transform the appearance of your eye area.

Thank you Vine Vera for this excellent product and I would definitely recommend the Age Defying Eye Serum to all Vine Vera customers.



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