Five Foods You Must Eat To Get Beautiful Skin

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There is an old saying that you are what you eat! Whatever goes inside you has its impact on your skin, and this determines your overall appearance. So, if you have always wanted beautiful and glowing skin like that of a super model or Hollywood actress then start eating the right foods! Eating right can help flush out the toxins and give you a glow that shines from within.

If you think eating right means a lot of work then you are wrong. You just need to be careful with your choice of foods and spare a little time for the person called ‘you’ to start seeing the difference. In this article, we will tell you about five simple and readily food items available in your kitchen that can help you get beautiful and glowing skin!

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

As a child you must have heard your mom and grandmother tell you about the benefits of eating dark green leafy vegetables. It applies even today! Yes, eating green leafy vegies like spinach, chard, and kale is good for your skin because they are rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients. They contain high amounts of vitamin A that protects your skin from getting dry and flaky.

Salmon And Tuna

You must have heard that not all fats are bad for your body. There are good and bad fat found in foods and the good fats are essential for your health. Seafood such as salmon and tuna and rich in Omega-3s, one of the goof fats that are useful is keep your heart healthy and active. Besides being good for your heart health, these seafoods also have antiaging benefits for your skin. The fatty acids found in these foods help lock moisture within the skin cells so that it feels supple, soft, and stays wrinkle free.

Yogurt, Kefir And Kombucha

A good digestive system is equals to healthy and glowing skin. If for any reason, your digestive system does not function properly; your skin will see its effects too. In order to get beautiful skin, you must include in your diet foods that are rich in probiotics.

Some of the common foods are yogurt, kefir and kombucha. These foods contain good bacteria that fight harmful impacts of bad bacteria in the gut, and you can see the results outside. Daily consumption of yogurt and kombucha can reduce acne problems, reduce psoriasis, and eczema too.

Chicken, Pork And Bison

For a healthy and wholesome diet, you need foods that are rich in iron and zinc. We recommend that you eat leaner cuts of meats including bison, pork and chicken, at least twice or thrice a week. The essential nutrients found in these foods are useful in fighting acne and it also helps heal wounds quickly. You must also include seafoods such as crabs and oysters in your diet as they are good sources of essential minerals.

Carrots And Sweet Potatoes

These vegetables have an orange color because they are rich in carotenoids such as beta-carotene, and it is helpful in protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. This means your skin will stay young and beautiful for long!



You may have not been aware, but due to its various health properties and compatibility with all types of skin, honey has been long used in the skin care treatments. Apart from benefiting the skin, it also stimulates hair regeneration. That being said, if you apply honey to your skin and hair regularly, it will make both of them healthier and shinier.

One of the many health features of honey is its ability to remove fine lines, acne and scars caused from them, as well as wrinkles. It also soothes skin irritation as it keeps it moisturized. It also strengthens and cleanses the skin by forcing clogged pores to open.

Antioxidants are also very important for the condition of the skin, and honey is rich with them. Antioxidants regenerate the skin and provide glowing look. Not to forget, honey also contributes to better skin texture.

Let’s take a look at the benefits the skin has due to honey-based treatments:


Honey is the perfect thing to get your skin to shine. Regular honey skin treatments will reduce the freckles and sun exposure damage from the skin while making it soft and shiny. One way to use honey to treat your skin is to mix it with rose water. Let the application stay for a while and simply rinse your skin.


Honey provides much-needed nourishment to the skin. It provides moisture to skin that is dull and dry. Simply add honey to your regular face mask cream and feel your skin glowing.


Honey is extremely rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to the skin because it prolongs the aging process. They increase collagen production, thereby keeping the skin young for a long time.


Honey has proven its ability to hydrate the skin. What makes it so special is that it keeps it hydrated for a prolonged period of time. If you want to keep your skin properly moisturized you should try mixing honey with your daily milk cream. Massage the mixture on the skin for a while, let it rest some time and then wash it away with lukewarm water.


What this means is that honey also has exfoliating features. It provides good exfoliation, which means it is really effective for removing dead skin cells. It is the ideal natural solution to remove impurities.


Honey is a natural remedy when it comes to treating acne. It also prevents or clears the appearance of blemishes and fades out scars. As it also has antibacterial properties, it battles bacteria which causes acne.


Honey provides natural moisture to dry and chapped lips. You should prepare a solution of honey and brown sugar. Massage your lips with the solution for about 5 minutes and rinse them off. Regular application will result in softer and more colorful lips.

After all these benefits provided by honey, it’s high time to pay a visit to the supermarket and get a jar or two. When skin care is concerned, honey is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Fine lines and wrinkles indicate that the aging process has started within your body. Given the present level of pollution stress and lack of proper diet, both men and women are becoming victims of premature aging. In fact, all these factors are causing considerable damage to the skin, which in turn starts revealing early signs of aging.


The primary cause of fine line or wrinkles is malnourishment of the skin. Since dry skin does not contain adequate amount of moisture, it is more susceptible to damage. Therefore, you must regularly moisturize the skin, along with drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, so that your skin gets hydrated from within.

It is true that the marketplace is flocked with a number of remedies that promise to help you get rid of wrinkles. However, they rarely seem to show the proper results. Therefore, it is advisable to nourish the skin to the required extent through using certain natural essential oils.

Essential oil is very effective in keeping the skin hydrated. Through application of essential oils, you can adequately nourish your skin and stay away from wrinkles by locking the moisture within the skin.


Read on to learn about the oil remedies that works best for your skin and eliminates wrinkles.

  1. OLIVE OIL, HONEY AND GLYCERIN: If you want to get rid of wrinkles surrounding the eyes, then the most effective solution is a combination of olive oil, honey and glycerin. This mixture is very good for the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes. Apply it throughout the face, focusing on the areas more prone to wrinkles and wash it after a few minutes.
  2. ALMOND OIL, COCOA BUTTER AND ALOE VERA: This is in fact applied as a mask for doing away with under-eye wrinkles. Apart from soothing the skin, aloe vera also fights the symptoms of skin ageing. Again, cocoa butter is helpful in moisture retention. On the other hand, the vitamin E content of almond oil provides skin nourishment and reduces fine lines. This mask of almond oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera would suit you even if you have sensitive skin.
  3. COCONUT OIL, BEET JUICE AND CARROT JUICE: If you want a natural anti-wrinkle solution, this is the way to go. While coconut oil aids hydration of skin cells and repair of connective tissues, carrot juice makes the skin youthful and firm. Again, beet juice rebuilds the damaged cells and rejuvenates the skin, thereby imparting a natural glow.
  4. VITAMIN E OIL, LEMON AND YOGHURT: This wonderful mask assists in fighting forehead wrinkles. Yoghurt contains lactic acid that promotes skin exfoliation resulting in fading of the fine lines. The application of lemon juice brightens up the skin checking the occurrence of deep furrows on your forehead.
  5. CASTOR OIL: Castor oil can work wonders for dehydrated skin which is more likely to age early. Through production of collagen and elastin, castor oil combats the ageing symptoms. It also hydrates the delicate eye areas.

Applying these remedies regularly can indeed make your skin seem younger through removal of wrinkles. So, try them out!

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Beauty regimens tend to take a back seat when winter comes knocking. The dry air and the chilling temperatures during this season can have an adverse effect on the skin. Brittle hair cracked skin and even chapped lips are just some of the things your skin might have to ensure if you do not take the necessary precautionary measures.

All you need is to keep the following tips in mind, and you will be able to stay beautiful during the winter transition. Do not view them as just suggestions but as beauty tips that will see you face the frigid winter air and still manage to look your summer finest.

For those dry, chapped lips: One word – chapstick. While a balm will work to keep your lips from being scaly and dry, a lip salve will be a better option. Make a concoction of honey and sugar and apply it to your lips, giving them a good scrub. Rinse and then apply your lip salve. The honey/sugar mixture addresses the scaling, and the salve or cream will help prevent the lips from getting chapped as you step out into the unforgivingly cold, dry, winter air.

For dry facial skin: Applying a thick night cream when jumping to bed is an effective solution to the dryness. Just bear in mind that it only works if your skin is clean and free from pathogens. So, make sure that you remove all the makeup and wash your face thoroughly using a vigorous scrub, and then massage a generous amount of facial night cream. You will wake up with a soft and supple skin. Of importance, make sure that you stick to reputable skin care products and use a night cream that has excellent moisturising properties.

For brittle hair: Brittle hair gives you a nappy look, which is not something you wish to have during the winter season. You can deal with this issues by deep conditioning the hair twice a week. Use a thick hair conditioner. Spend around an hour or so under the dryer to allow the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair cuticles. Wash your hair and then rinse using cold water to avoid losing the moisture from the conditioner. The aim is to ensure that your hair stays moist from the inside out; this prevents it from becoming brittle even during the cold and dry winter days.

For the rest of the body: A body wash that contains coconut milk or almond milk will do justice to your body helping you keep it moist. The milk locks in moisture to keep your skin feeling soft and supple. However, you need to ensure that keep your skin clean. Bath using a moisturising bar soap and then apply some body wash. You can also use cocoa butter, which is remarkably good for dry skin.

Just follow these winter transition beauty tips and you skin will still look is summer finest making your look radiant as the sun in the dreary winter season.

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Common Myths About Skin Care

With so much information being published in online magazines, books and leaflets, one often wonders what is true and what isn’t? This is why we bring to you 4 common skin care myths and the truth behind it!

MYTH 1 – Toners are made for people with oily skin
TRUTH – Not too long ago, toners were used only to control sebum production on the skin or finish off the job left behind by a low-quality cleanser by getting rid of the leftover impurities and dirt. In today’s time, toners are known to restore the skin’s natural pH balance and deliver anti-aging ingredients to the skin to help it look younger and healthier. This is why it can be used by women of any skin type or complexion.

MYTH 2 – The face should be cleaned twice every day
TRUTH – Women who clean their face with a gentle cleanser at night needn’t necessarily repeat the action in the morning as well. However, if you feel that you need to look absolutely fresh at work, you can use some of the cleanser, but this again depends on your skin type. People with dry skin should refrain from washing the skin twice while people with oily skin should do so only if their face feels too oily in the morning. Washing the face at night also has an added benefit as it helps get rid of impurities, dust, dirt and makeup on the face that builds up gradually all day long.

MYTH 3 – Resveratrol causes skin irritation and leads to skin redness and inflammation
TRUTH – Resveratrol is a naturally occurring ingredient found in the skin of red grapes and red wine. It contains wondrous anti-aging benefits and makes the skin look younger and healthier in a natural manner. As Resveratrol is loaded with anti-oxidants, it can never lead to skin irritation or cause any redness or inflammation on it. The anti-oxidants simply remove free radicals and promote younger looking skin by eliminating any kind of fine lines, age spots or wrinkles.

MYTH 4 – Running every day will make you look old and dull
TRUTH – Studies reveal that runners are thinner than other individuals and as there is less fat in a runner’s body and face, he or she does not look old and dull for many years to come. Your bones get strengthened and its density also increases with regular running. It tones the body giving it a younger and healthier look. Running is considered to be one of the best exercises to look and stay young for long.

Additional information
It is vital to apply the right eye serums at the right time to make your eye look fabulous. The thumb rule of applying any skin care is to use the lighter products first and then apply the heavy ones. Also, keep a note of your skin as you apply the products whether it’s suiting your skin tone.

The Vine Vera products, like the eye serum is required in very little quantity. About 3 drops of the serum is more than enough for the entire eye area. The amount may vary depending on personal experience.

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Facts About Eye Serums

Serums contain loads of natural anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and moisture boosting ingredients. With most of you using serums on a regular basis, you are often exposed to various myths and false facts about such products as well. This is why we bring to you five facts about serums that will help clear all your doubts.

1. You can layer serums easily – If you use an eye serum that comes with accompanying products, it is vital that you apply one product, wait for a few minutes till the product is completely absorbed and only then apply the second layer as suggested by the brand you are using. However, too much application can give negative results instead of positive ones.

2. Serums work like a treatment does – Many serums target specific skin issues or problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness or aging issues. Others focus on delicate areas such the under-eye region. The concentrated ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and boost good health of the skin. This is why it is considered to be a treatment in itself and is more expensive than a normal moisturizer is.

3. Using eye serums is essential – Eye serums are specially designed to take care of the thin and delicate area under your eyes. This area does not have much support, and neither is it quite elastic. Eye serums provide it with the much-needed support and also increase the elasticity in the area. This helps prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that show their presence in the under-eye region as the first signs of aging.

4. All about hair and body serums – Body serums work just like eye serums do, but they target other skin conditions as well. Dry skin will derive great benefits from a hydrating serum while skin that has lost elasticity needs a serum that can help restore it with ease. Hair serums contain loads of active and potent ingredients that help nourish the hair, smoothen and de-frizz it. Hair serums form a layer over your hair strands thereby protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun and other environmental factors.

5. A little goes a long way – As mot serums are thick and heavy, using just a few drops of it does the trick. Always invest in quality products when it comes to serums as a small bottle will go a long way. Around three drops of an eye, serum is enough for the under eye area while 5 to 6 drops would be needed for your hair depending on its length. Body serums are used according to the area to be covered.